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How do I set up a date with you? 


Send me a text or an email introducing yourself. I mean you are asking me to go on a date.

Tell me a bit about you, let me know if you have seen a companion before? Or anything you want to share with me.

Please include your screening information, the date and requested time(s) to get together, and whether it is to be a quick afternoon rendezvous, a weekend getaway, or a social event, etc.


What screening Information do you require?



 If you are going to contact me for an appointment you


provide the following information:



Date & Approximate Time you wish to get together,

ANY & ALL questions

you have about services in one message! 

All of the information above is required any requests missing or excluding this information will not be responded to.


If we have had trouble connecting please send me an email introducing yourself along with the cell number you have been trying to contact me with.   

I have written you before but you didn't respond? 

Firstly, I am so sorry! If you've sent me a text and I never wrote
I generally am not sure for how long I am able to respond.
I also may not have been availabl
e at your requested time.

get several ap
pointment requests daily and find I
connect best with the clients who 
adhere to my
booking procedure.

If we have missed each other on more than
one occasion
 over text, please send me an
email to get my attention.

I really want to meet with you!

That being said, if you have booked in the past and perhaps
not show up or sent me previous texts which were less than
classy its unfortunate, but you missed your chance!  
How can I prepare for our time together?

A Shower is required within one hour of our appointment start time. If this is not possible I have shower facilities available with fresh amenities.

Whats your height and weight?

I'm 5'1 and curvy in all the right places. Some would say a curvy cutie. I'm definitely not an olympic athlete but I like to stay active and feel good on my feet.


I enjoy numerous different activities like early morning yoga, a weekend away skiing, hiking trips. All of these activities keep my body the way I feel good about myself and my pictures are true current depictions of my figure.

Each encounter I have is different and suited to the person I am with. I like to achieve organic chemistry and have an authentic connection.

I prefer to start with a sit down, a drink or a quick introduction, depending on our time of course. I find this helps to get the nerves out and connect in a more genuine way. 

For my dates that go beyond the bedroom. I like to ask questions, try to plan activities I think you and I may both enjoy. I not only screen for safety but for chemistry as well.

Ultimately you can expect to go on a date with  a woman that you got to hand pick.


I feel so special!

What can I expect during our time together?


What should I bring with me?

Gifts are always appreciated, but NOT necessary! You don't need to bring anything with you.


If you wish to get me something I have a wish list available, or a gift card to one of my favourite places like LuluLemon, Winners, or Air Canada.  

I generally do not drink alcohol so if you would like to bring something for the day of, some chocolates, flowers or a candle I would absolutely love.

What do we do in our appointment together?

I have never been able to connect with the clients who are looking for a specific act(s) during our encounter.

Some appointments go beyond the bedroom. I like to plan something small for us to do together that I feel we will both enjoy! This lets us connect on a more personal level which I find translates very well in the bedroom. I’m open to a lot of different activities. Perhaps a stroll downtown? A trip to the gallery? Time to grab a drink and flirt or maybe a bit more fun, a game of laser tag or rock climbing? Or a simple dinner is always a great choice. I love rubbing my foot along your leg while we get to know one another.    


While I immensely enjoy living on the edge I tend to choose suitors who I feel will be able to connect with me in all aspects of life. 

"The conversation was very easy. It was like being with a really hot girlfriend and it was incredible, the whole experience. 

I look forward to once again meeting with her."

- Joe

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