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Just You & Me  ​​

A Quick Rendezvous .. Half Hour - $150

A Great Introduction .. 1 Hour - $ 300
Time for Me & You .. 2 Hours - $ 500


A Bit More Intimate .. 3 Hours $ 700

Time for a Meal? ..4 Hours - $ 1000 

Payton Sawyer_edited.jpg
You Me & Another?

1 Hour - $500

2 Hours - $800

Escape Away Together

An Evening at Yours - $700

A Night Together - $ 1500​

A Weekend Getaway - $3000


Five Day Vacation - $ 5000

Terms and Conditions for Companion Travel Services: 1. Booking Process:    a. Deposit: A non-refundable deposit is required at the confirmed time of booking to secure the companion's services. The deposit amount will be communicated during the booking process.    b. Booking Confirmation: The booking will be considered confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit. 2. Companion Services:    a. Safety: The companion will prioritize her personal safety throughout the trip.    b. Assistance: The companion will provide the agreed-upon assistance and support to the client during travel, as discussed and confirmed during the booking process. 3. Payment:    a. Deposit: A non-refundable deposit is due on the day of booking to secure the companion's services.    b. Final Payment: The remaining balance for companion services is due on the day of travel before commencing the trip.    c. Payment Methods: Payments can be made through various accepted methods, including but not limited to cash or as agreed upon during the booking process. 4. Cancellation and Refunds:    a. Deposit: The deposit is trasferable to next appointment if rescheduld within 48 hours of appointment start time.    b. Cancellation by Client: If the client cancels the companion services after the deposit has been paid but before the day of travel the deposit is non-refunndable.    c. Cancellation by Companion: In the rare event that the companion cannot fulfill their obligations due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of the deposit will be provided, and the client will be notified as soon as possible. 5. Travel Expenses:    a. Travel Costs: The client is responsible for covering all travel expenses for both themselves and the companion, including but not limited to transportation, accommodation, meals, and any other agreed-upon expenses.    b. Travel Itinerary: The client will provide the companion with a detailed travel itinerary and necessary travel documents well in advance of the trip. 6. Code of Conduct:    a. Respect: Both the client and the companion are expected to treat each other with respect and consideration throughout the trip.    b. Compliance with Laws: The client and companion must adhere to all local, national, and international laws and regulations during travel. 7. Liability:    a. The companion is not liable for any accidents, injuries, or losses that may occur during the trip.    b. The client is responsible for their own health and travel insurance coverage. 8. Termination of Services:    a. The companion reserves the right to terminate their services if the client engages in behavior that is unsafe, disruptive, or violates the terms of this agreement. In such cases, no refunds will be provided. 9. Changes to Itinerary:    a. Any changes to the travel itinerary must be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and the companion. 10. Disputes:     a. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved through negotiation or mediation before pursuing legal action. By booking companion services, both the client and the companion agree to these terms and conditions. It is essential to thoroughly review and understand these terms before proceeding with the booking.

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